visible camara-limits-render??

how can I have a render with the 2 limits lines of the camara visible…?
or do I gave to model them seperately in order to have somthing like that ?..
I want to have the view as if you look through the camara


okay, so the camera limits couldn’t ever be visible in the render because:
they go along the view of the camera, there is no way to tell depth
and because they go along the view of the camera they could be at best a larger dot in front of a further away smaller [because of perspective] dot

that said, the limits in the 3d window should be exactly the same as those in the render

and, with the camera selected, in the edit buttons you can turn on drawing of the limits [it shows up as a line with two yellow dots pointing away from the camera]. This is probably what you want, it makes more easy [people have requested being able to grab these points like verticies in editmode]setting of those limits to get what you want in your camera view

…let me explain…
I want to have a visible doted line boundry when I render…
It seems I´ve to model somthing…

birras: That sounds like post-processing, not 3d.

yeah…did it with the sequenzer…just modeled it , rendered it once…sequenzer …done :stuck_out_tongue: