Visible faces in object


I was wondering why I can see these flat faces in my render when the object is using a smooth shade plus a Subsurface.

I assume “Subsurface” is supposed to mean “Subdivision Surface”? That’s not even remotely the same thing.

Other than that: How are we supposed to troubleshoot this? By gazing into our crystal balls?
Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question. Don’t forget to pack the textures.

I meant to say subsurf and the correction tool changed it. I asked without posting anything because I thought it was something easy enough not dig too much into. No need to bring your balls into the equation so they don’t break. And lastly I cannot share the project as its part of a job and the model was exported from Maya so I guess the problem comes from there for some reason. If you can’t help without the project I appreciate you showed some kind of interest. Thanks, mate.

Anyone else had this issue before?

No worries I think its the material used and I need to find out why. :slight_smile: