Visible layers | a flight-action game WIP alpha textures problem

Hi, guys!

I did start to make a flight-action game, at the begining of this year, and i make a good progress, but i have a few problems with the alphas.

I use a lot of alpha maps in the game, like clouds, explosions, lens flares. When there are more alpha textures on the screen at the same time, it begins to looking weird.

On these pictures there are clouds, a half transparent water, lens flare alpha (WIP), and mountains :

1.: On these pictures there is a lens flare, cloud particle alphas, and a water with Ztransparency and Opaque alpha blending. The bottom of the mountains looks bad.

2.: Weird looking mountains throught the clouds

I tried all of the alpha blendings, and the mask/Ztransparency/raytrace renderings, but nothing. Tried the all of the mist options too. Nothing changed.
There is an anisotropic filter and a color correction script, but nothing changes if i turn these on/off .

If you have any ideas, i would appreciated.
Thank you!