Visible light paths

Hello Blender artist community,
I have been playing Dead Space 2 and I noticed some cool lighting effects. The light paths are visible. Notice how the light from the helmet escapes out of it and it’s path is visible. I hope you understand what I mean.
I want to know, how to achieve the same effect- visible light paths on Blender (preferably Cycles render)

Thanks, in advance:)


It’s all post-processing. Fog bloom and some kind of glare. Watch a couple of compositing tutorials and it should become clear how to do it in BI/Cycles.

Thanks, could you give me any links related to Fog Bloom?

It’s a variation of the Glare Node. The top drop down menu allows you to change the type of effect. Ghosts / streaks / Fog Glow / Simple star.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Thanks a lot for suggesting the Glow node. And after using it’s variations like Ghost:

and fog glow:

I want to mix them. But I am bad at compositing. So my result so far:

This render is on Cycles. But I wish that it would be less of ghost glare and more fog. Maybe I put the nodes in the wrong order?


Try adjusting the “mix” value on the the ghost glare node.

Thank you for the blender artists community, I am marking it as solved:)