Visible Light


I was wondering if any body could tell me how to make visible light form a display or any other light source. Also it would be grate to know how to do some thing smeller in gimp. See attached picture.




Sadly, I don’t have an answer to your problem, but there was a related post (link) a few days ago that might be of interest to you.

/ Mats

EDIT: Maybe you could explain in some more detail what it is “to do some thing smeller in gimp”.

Thanks for replying Mats. I am looking to create a glowing display in Blender and perhaps Gimp. I am sorry if I did not make that clear. Please take a look at the three images I have attached. The are very good examples of the effect I am look for.



Add another object near it with a halo texture. You may want to remove some of the verteces. Hope that helps:)

or you can do it with nodes.

paulo_gomes is there any good information on how to use the Node editor, I have been wondering how to use it for a long time now but everything I try just dose not work. I have actually had blender for a long time but I have trouble learning it. Do you just read the manual wiki?

Thanks danim

Lots of good info in the wiki but last time I looked it was still lacking in the compositing department. To use the compositor effectively it’s essential that you understand the different render passes, how to invert masks and alpha channels and also how to properly recombine render layers. I had to refer to the following page for 6 months B4 I had a firm grip on all of it but it’s really the best info I’ve seen concerning Blender’s compositor. Understanding render passes helped most other compositor features to fall into place. Mix nodes set to multiply, inverted color ramps, set alpha nodes, and alpha over nodes are the most comon nodes in my (and probably most other folks setups) because they form the basis for manipulating and combining masks and layers when compositing. I also frequently use a blur nodes to soften the edges of harsh alpha channels.

danim, i’ve searched for some info that could help you, here are some links in the forum, that i think, will solve your problem.
this is a new node that is avaiable in the svn
and this is a post about bloo (i think that suites better what you want)
you have several links in this post, check them out :slight_smile:

Thanks guy you have given me lot to look in to. paulo in the second think there is a blend that produces the effect i want except it is the wrong way round, I am going to play around with it for a few days. I let you know what I come up with if it works.

Thanks danim