Visible Spotlights

(banana_sock) #1

im trying to create a visible spotlight, like the ones on the 21st century fox intro screen, how you can see them in the air, even though there’s nothing actually there. Is there a way blender can do this easily?

(Schlops) #2

Turn on “Halo” in the Lamp Settings, use HaloInt to adjust. Easy enough?

(banana_sock) #3

i didn’t think it would be hard, but that’s really simple. Thanx!

(theeth) #4

don’t forget to adjust the HaloStep setting accordingly. This setting determines the “distance” between each snapshot used to make the solid halo beam. The less you have (more than 0, of course :wink: ), the better, but the longer to render.


(dante) #5

I notice that when I use this option, the light passes through objects, but when I turn it off, the light casts shadows…is there a way to prevent this?