visible through walls

Hello,is it possible to make an object be visible through walls(kind of like a in a hud system or something :smiley: )?

i use an overlay scene for my hud that way it will always be ontop and wont go behind objects

Well I think it can be archived using the alpha bug. Sometimes alpha texture behind another alpha textures appear to be on top. So if you make a screen in front of the camera using a alpha texture and you have somewhere an alpha texture in the level, maybe it appears in front of it. This works when you create a forest with grass, leaves and so on. But no idea if it appear trough non alpha meshes. :-?

i have a forest in my game and i use the alpha script instead of clicking “Trasnsparent” and then it does not have the alpha bug atleast i have not seen it. i dont remember where i got the script from or who made it