visible UV seams

Hi :smiley: I have not been able to find a solution to this small problem of mine.

Every time i UV map my models, and texture them, they look fine, however whether in blender
or a game engine (this has happened to me in unity, neoaxis and blendelf)
When I zoom out a little, black lines appear where my UV seams are. :spin:

The geometry is clean, quads rarely some triangles.
What might be the problem?

Thanks guys :eyebrowlift2:


This is caused by the mipmaps. β€œBleed” your texture a bit over your UV islands.

If you are doing your textures by baking, then just use render panel - bake and put some margin to your render bake.

If you are doing your textures by painting in image manipulation software then just paint over your UV islands a bit with same color and that should get rid of those black lines.

What an awesome guy you are! Works like a charm, thank you :smiley: