well, there’s this romanian site … which is a kind
of a linux magazine … and they’re making a distro called Vision … and
since one of my sisters is quite involved in this magazine … well, I
went to a conference … met some people … and thoguht I’d show off
making some wallpapers :stuck_out_tongue:
Done in about 6 hours of Blendering & 5 hours
of Gimping … well, these are the main versions anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the first time I had displacement mapping looking good for me:

the uses of a wireframe :slight_smile:

funny story: before getting a render in Blender I got that colorfull look (just the big Vision text) … I liked it so much I was sorry to see it overwritten with the rendering … so I started up IrfanView & took a snapshot as fast as I could :slight_smile: Later I did some gimping on it, and besides effects I combined it with a photograph of fog particles I took one day.

ooo… this looks kind of cool! I like the v, but the other letters are too blocky…

modified versions as the people at linux360 requested more “linux360” theme :stuck_out_tongue: