VisionBin - A Tool for Creative People

The guys over at the Blender Model Repository have been working on some new tools and resources for budding artists, and it’s finally finished.

Users have the ability to create their own (highly customisable) portfolio, share files online (complete with commenting system), manage their current projects as to easily show progress online, as well as keep up with their friends’ creations.

We believe these resources are vital towards getting any creative individual showcased on the web, without them spending loads on server space or learning complex programming. We’ve focused a lot on trying to give the user complete freedom in terms of how they want to display their creations, from a wide variety of file types to the size of the icon.

Another problem we aim to solve is the inability for users to easily showcase what they’re currently working on. The current preferred method is through Works-In-Progress forum threads, however we provide a standard and easily maintainable method of showing progress, which doesn’t confuse any newcomers to the project.

Of course, it’s still in its beta period, and we’d love to have all the feedback possible to create an excellent resource for all creative individuals!

Amazing project!

It’s definitly a nice thing to help the poor artists out there hehe. Being able to upload and organise a portfolio/project and update it for everyone to see is a great addition to the blender community.

The project section is especially useful! Good job :smiley:

This is actually … wicked cool. A social network I might actually use.

If anyone wants to add me as a friend, just search for my nick, Loken.

Hey Loken, thanks! I’ve added you as a friend. Thanks Ecks!

I would like to emphasise that this isn’t a deviantart clone - sure it has some similar features, but when you use it you will see how different it actually is.

Looking forward to more users and comments!

I’m happy to announce that the site is progressing, and here are some examples of what can be done:

Example project for a Beetle:

My portfolio example:

Another user’s portfolio:

Some latest creations:

Example support for sound files:

More preset portfolio designs will be added soon (note that you can always create your own as well!) and some other ideas I’ve had.

Looking forward to comments.