Visit from an old friend (camera tracking with Blender 2.6)

Me having more fun with motion tracking, this time attempting a more advanced animation. This video was created entirely with Blender, including the camera tracking part. Models and sounds were taken from the game Xonotic and licensed GPL. Initial video was filmed with the Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone. The creation of the scene took approximately 5 days and the final render 6 hours.

Cool idea and end result is not bad.

How about adding a shadow pass (matte plane or something) so your friend is better integrated in your room? He also appears to slide when he picks up his gun. And finally, his gun must fall faster.

Good luck.

There are planes over the walls for receiving shadows. But they are barely visible for some reason… not sure why. The excess sliding is something I didn’t notice in the animation, and intended it initially. And yeah, I could have applied a bit more gravity to the gun, but the falling speed is ok I guess. I don’t plan to re-render it for now, so this is the final version. I however plan to make more such videos.