Visit My Site!

(Ecks) #1

I just made a site to post my images and anims. I have post only 4 pic but I will add some in a few day. I can post only one anim at the time because I only have 22 meg of space and 1000meg of upload. The anim now is ROBOT FIGHT: two robots fight for their life in a dojo (Matrix like)
Tell me what you think! :slight_smile:

Please after voting can you put a post with why did you vote what.

(dreamsgate) #2

Very nice, I like the color scheme and accent graphics in the corner, gives it a science fiction look. I like the rust on your robot.

Keep up the good work.

(RipSting) #3

Nice site! I think a few things could make it even better:

Is it possible to put the ads at the bottom of the page instead of the top? This would make your border image look a little better

Did you use OSA on your robot picture? It would look better if you turned on OSA in the display settings in Blender.

The links to the download and links pages seem to be broken…

I look forward to seeing your site again!

(Ecks) #4

I remade the site because alot of thing oes not work. Now all the links works and my anim is ready to download. Go for it and tell me what you think!!!