Visitor at night - Lincoln Continental 1961.

Hi ! This is an image rendered using the Lincoln Continental 1961 that I’m currently modelling.
The car is still in mirror modelling stage, and I’m currently modelling the inside. The doors are not yet cut out, and still can’t open for now.
As the meshes have a mirror modifier applied, I have to move the decor around the car.

This car will be the car of the bad guys in a future highly detailed version of my Police Chase short movie.
More images of the car are available here :


The scene looks solid! Good modeling, lighting setup and overall tone!

The only critique I can think of is you might want to add a bit of dirt here and there since the scene looks a bit too clean and cartoonish right now. maybe also tune down the saturation of the leaves?

Thanks ! You are right mpan3. I’m not very experienced at texturing, and I use too much procedural textures.
I plan to add an UV texture, or maybe some texture painting, to add some dirt in the gaps of the yellow stones around the door too.

That sounds like a decent idea, and add some bump maps. Over-all, though, I thoroughly agree with mpan3. Solid.

Hey though, just as a totally unnecessary suggestion. XP If you’re thinking of ‘dirtying up’ the world a little in the final texturing phase, try putting some junk on the ground. Not too much, cause then it’ll look squalid, but maybe half an old newspaper texture alpha-mapped onto a plane on the ground, a couple leaves, some stuff like that.

Really nice so far, keep it up.

Thanks for these suggestions. I will take them in account for my next renderings !
The CG 3D world is so clean ! It it was a real world, would they pay employees to spread out garbages ?

I like the car it is awesome.

Looking good Roubal me old mate :slight_smile: Good to see you’ve been busy during your absence from the forums. Having seen the stills from your Crosswalk police chase, I can’t wait to see the animation for this one.

Roubal: I totally agree with you. XD You’ll never find someone transplanting moss into statue crevices in real life.

Thanks for your comments !
Hi AndyD ! It’s fine to see you here ! Too busy, I have been a long time far from this site. Some news from you in my PM box will be welcome !
I’m modelling the inside of the car. I’m aiming a quite realistic style, but It is very hard, because of a lack of good detailed photos. The number of vertices also increases dramatically, increasing the rendering time too. For the animation, I will use layers and I will disable the inside details of the car for external views and external details for inside view.
Still a lot to do : tweaking and cutting out the doors, and correcting a lot of details…

I hope that I will be able to put new rendered pictures of the inside here by the next days.