Is Vista compatibility next on the list for Blender? At the moment, whenever I try to sculpt something I can only alter an eighth of the shape. There are alot of other bugs too. Is there a place I can report these? I’d really hate to lose Blender over OS integration errors.

EDIT: After playing awhile, the ONLY problems I have are with sculpt mode.

I have had no problems with Vista+Blender.


Since it seems to be during sculpt mode, have you tried using the partial redraw setting? Also, you can get better performance by disabling undo in the user preferences.

If that doesn’t help, maybe search Vista here and see if there are recommendations for video card settings or something like that.

what’s your vertex/face count?

I worked exactly like I did in XP:

Create cube
Enter sculpt mode
Multires to level 7
Try as I might, using my tablet or mouse I cannot edit the top half of the subsurfed cube.

What’s partial redraw?

It is more likely a graphic card driver bug. You might want to try update your driver for your nvidia geforce or ATI radeon. THe one that comes with Vista is never has fast/stable as the ‘official’ releases.

Thanks very much. It was the graphics driver causing the problem, and now Blender works fine.