Vista Lag: Fixed

Another Vista problem, just looking for a fix.

Whenever I open blender in Vista, it’s not slow, however about every 2 sec. blender does a mini freeze and then resumes, kinda like lag, but spaced out. It also does this in all windows, not just the 3d view port one. Does anyone know any solutions? Because it really makes blender hard to use efficiently. I’ve tried searching the forum for answers but couldn’t really find any, I also tried downloading different builds and updating the drivers, but it still lags.

Thanks in advance :).

Windows Vista 32 bit.
2.4 Ghz dual core
4 gigs. ram
Nvidia 8600m GT 256 mb.

Have you already tried the usual tips to speed up Vista?,239029541,339283266,00.htm,1697,2110595,00.asp

No not yet, I’ll have to try those, however I’m not sure if this has to do with the system’s performance or vista/graphics card not being very compatible with blender.

On a side note, I did have to download a modified/makeshift driver since there are no nvidia drivers for the 8600m GT readily available for download, maybe that’s what is causing the lag.

Edit: Didn’t notice the new modified drivers, now I feel stupid:o, installed them and it works fine now :).

Most probably the video card drivers are playing an important role in the performance role.
But the freezing issue make me think to a system problem rather then a graphic matter.