Vista Problems

I will try to explain this problem clearly. My old set up was Blender 2.43 on Windows XP.

I recently purchased a new laptop with Vista, I downloaded Blender 2.48 without a problem. I went to save a jpg texture file and it will not save it into blender.

I the past I would just save image files to Blender like this: jpg.blend without any problems, not so with Vista.

I tried to save the image file with and without the .blend extension and it will not save into Blender.

I recieve error that says that it is not a blender file. What am I doing wrong?


Am using Blender on Vista without any probs.
When you say you tried to save a jpeg “into” Blender how do you mean exactly?
Are you trying to bake a texture and save it “out” from Blender to disc, or trying to load a texture jpg image “into” blender form disc?

I am trying to save and import a texture jpg from the Blender texture downloads online. I used to just right click, and Save As, right into Blender with the .blend file extension.

Unpossible. If the texture is an image with a .jpg extension, you most certainly cannot rename it “name.blend” and expect Blender to open it. Files with .blend extension must be in Blender format. You load images as textures from inside Blender, for example in the UV/image editor, the texture panels, or the compositor.

What site are you looking at? Perhaps previously you were opening .blend files that had jpg textures packed inside them.