Visual Scripting in Blender ?

Hey All,

I know that there is the Logic Bricks for visual scripting inside Blender but I’m not sure if it’s possible to make a FULL game with it (without a single line of Python code).

So… I wonder is there an Add-on maybe that is a different system for Visual Scripting inside Blender?

Thanks ahead!

Sure it is possible. But you would resign on any dynamic behavior.


My recommendation:
Just go and learn Python. It will help you to get the necessary skills to describe behavior.
Even with a visual environment you will need that skills.

It depends on the game, of course. If you’re making something fairly simple, which doesn’t require anything more than features offered by logic bricks, then you can simply use logic bricks. However, if you’re making something fairly involved, you will probably need to access features that are only available via the python api.

… If you’re serious about making games, you’ll eventually need to learn a real programming language - “Visual Scripting” environments can be nice, in a specific context, for a certain subset of simple games, but I don’t think they can rival the power/flexibility of an actual programming language.

So, I would echo Monster’s suggestion: Start learning Python.

Thank you guys!
I’m still scared of “real coding” did try to learn it… and always after 30-40 minutes my brain goes… “Whaaat?!” and I go back to visual scripting (I guess that’s how my simple brain works best).

But I see your point, I understand that Python is very powerful and gives much more… I guess I’ll need to give it another try and try to not run away from it. :smiley:

That is no problem. As you know your “learning limits” try to do just a few small lessons each day. Maybe repeat some old lessons. This allows your mind not only suck the new information but also put already learned information into the new context. Best is - nobody is hunting you, so you can walk rather then run :D.

If it helps you you can draw relationships of the code with pen and paper. Be warned you will need much more paper than with plain text ;).

Thank you for the great tips, I appreciate it!
Usually I’m used to learn a lot of hours in a raw (I guess I’m not suffering from learning new things, I enjoy it :slight_smile:

I’m wondering about something that maybe can make my “panic” go away a little bit.
When people like me think about writing code… it’s usually looks like a total mess of zillion lines in one page and you can’t find anything or something like that… BUT! I wonder if the way Python works in Blender is more like what I’ve seen on the logic bricks.
What I mean is:

When I click on an object, I have it’s own logic bricks, like all the events that I do for this specific object and I can connect it if I want to others.
So is it works the same on BGE and Python? so if I click on a CUBE for example, I write the Python on that cube? and I can add variables or whatever. and than on a different object, let’s say… a Sphere… I have a “clean page” so I can write that Python code I need for the sphere and of course again… I can link or use other objects in it.

Not sure if I explained my question very well… but if it’s like that it should be much easier to get into Python I think.
Because until now I was pretty sure that I need to write ALL THE CODE in one single page… but I wonder if that’s not how it works and what I’ve describe is more close to how I imagine it works in BGE.

Just to be clear, I don’t know much about BGE or the Logic Bricks… I just played with it and it was so much fun and easy for me to understand, but I still have much more to learn.

  • Sorry about my bad English…

By the way, visual scripting(like blueprints in Unreal Engine 4(I think that’s what they are called, but I haven’t tested it because I have never had a computer that is able to handle it)) would really improve the fun developing with blender! Maybe someone could work on this?

Thanks for the details @Monster I will check it out! :slight_smile:
@adriansnetlis Yes, that was my main interest in BGE because it is really cool and visual scripting is getting all over the place, also in Unity they have this addon/package called: “PlayMaker” that is all logical and lots of people are using it.
If any of you ever heard or used 2D Game engines such as Fusion 2.5 (used to called Multimedia Fusion) by ClickTeam, or Construct 2 by Scirra… you know how open wide and strong the visual script could be. but in the 3D Game Engine this concept considered new and it’s growing and growing.

I’m still learning Unreal Engine 4, The Blueprints system (behaviours visual scripting) is VERY strong, but at the same time is very weird and complicated. but I’m amazed about how powerful it is.

Still, I’m IN LOVE with Blender, so I’m very curious about BGE, and need to explore the Logical Bricks (visual scripting) and maybe even Python, I know that I’m not a coder by nature but everybody always highly recommend to have a taste of Python, people really love it so I should give it another try.

Alon, I almost envy you for so amazing computer(don’t mind this text, it is none-sense:D)!

Hehe… I suffered with an old rusty computer for too long, and I couldn’t even TOUCH 3D with it… so I had to do some serious upgrades… Finally I can actually work with 3D!