Visualization for bone rotation constraints?

I remember waaay back, there used to be visible arcs (red,green, blue) displaying the operational area of a joint/bone. It’s nothing more than a curiosity, but is there a way to turn this on anymore, or have we lost this feature? I’d appreciate knowing one way or another so I can stop looking for it. ;D

Are you talking about widget display?

Yea, I think I know what you are talking about. I tried tracking down the character I saw it on, cutebear, I think was the name. All I get is a page not found error when following links to it here on ba.

Here’s how it can be done:

I set up a limit rot constraint on the bone, then added an IK constraint without a target to the bone, in the bones panel, in the IK panel, I set up the same limit rotations. The limit rot constraint does the actual limiting, the IK constraint does nothing more than display the limits. Without the limit rot constraint, you can freely rotate the bone past the limits set on the IK.


Great guys, thanks for the help!

Ridix, I think got that thing figured out ;D

Randy, Yep, that’s exactly what I was referring to. Thanks for the help, It’ll be nice having this on occasion.

Whatever happened to this? i used to love how the IK limits were visualised in Blender.

what do you mean? it is still here:

OMG it wasn’t there, then I appended the shot into a fresh shot and it’s there.
not sure what I did, nor how it might be even turned on/off.
thanks… i guess.
Nice to know it’s not gone anywhere.