Visualization of real time data in Blender

(Peetie) #1

Is it possible in Blender to grab realtime data (maybe JSON streaming data) and visualize it?. Like for example you can see charts of stock exchange on a website normally, but then in Blender.). Of course I don’t expect to render realtime as well. It is possible for example in Excel (though I believe you need to refresh, so no streaming connection with socket).

I think visualising (real-time) data with Blender could be awesome. We use something like Excel, but actualy it’s poor in making visualizations. Blender could visualize way richer.
So I checked the blender python API, but didn’t see anything related to network. I know though that it is possible to make a multiplayer game with the game-engine. I still have to learn Python, and know that immediately diving into network programming could be a challenge.

Not much on the internet to find about it either.

(G_Dragon) #2

Blender’s APIs probably wouldn’t have anything network related, because it isn’t really needed. However, Python has networking APIs that you can probably use. The only thing you’d need to figure out is a good way to have Blender refresh the visualization. Probably something as simple as have it playback an animation, and have the playback run code that’ll update the visualization based on the latest data from the stream.

(Peetie) #3

Ah, my assumption was that I could only use Blender API (and limited python?), but it seems I can use all Python modules. Probably visualizing realtime data is not possible, but then I am happy with a recent stream of data.
Imagine you could see all kinds of data visualized.
I will look around, but it’s a long term plan.

(G_Dragon) #4

Yup, you have full access to everything Python gives you. There’s a few ways you can make it realtime (or really close to), but it gets complex quickly. Let me know how it goes, though. I’ll be interested in seeing what you do.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #5

Hi, it is. Devices like the Kinect and Leap Motion can stream positions of joints for example via the ni-mate add-on. AddOSC and AddMidi take in those protocols respectively. The Game Engine category would house most of the examples of JSON reading I’ve seen here, try searching it or asking the regulars if stuck.