Visulised Room

Ok what else can I add to it? Is anywhere looking a bit empty ect?



sub surf the table…its missing a T.V or a Computer…but i like it =)

Yes, as Lilgrudgeboy said, the table surface needs Sub-surfing.

Maybe add some vegetation (i.e. fake plants).

I don’t know if you put these in or not but there seems to be a lack of shadows. I can find any really and it really makes it hard to tell where things are. Looks good besides that!

Looks rather cold and utilitarian. Some plants, paintings or posters on the walls, a vase or two on the table, shadows, bookends… It just doesn’t have that ‘lived in’ look. The sofa would probably have a coffee table in front of it on the shag carpet, or side tables. The tiny table lamp up on the shelf looks awkward. If the owners can afford that fancy glass dining table, they can surely afford a decent floor lamp for that dark corner.

Shadows and subsurf are needed throughout.