Vital Blender function not working for me. Help!

I am using a new HP laptop running windows XP or Vista (at start up, the screen says XP, so I expect this is right, but the sticker on the computer says Vista). I have used Blender for 2 years on my mac, up to Blender 2.43. I now have this laptop o I would like to add Blender to it. I have put Blender 2.47 on and it appears to load and for the main part works fine. However when I go to left click on a data box - like the name of an object or to change the value of a setting like the color of an object, although I can slide a bar, I can not left click on the box and change the value. This also happens when I want to change the name of a file or select the file location.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Then I tried manual instalation, the same thing happens each time. My mouse does work. When I left click on the 3D screen, the cross hairs do move, so the mouse and left click are working with Blender, I just can’t change any values. Any ideas at all why?


Others have reported similar problems. It may be related to your graphics card. Check out the following thread (mainly the last 3 posts) see if any of it is helpful: