Vitral Room

rendered in Kerkythea:

Indigo version (shot taken in the middle of rendering) previous to the mods added in Kt:

Still got to re-render the scene in Indigo with the latest changes.

It’s a promising start, and the Kerkythea renderer has richer color, but it’s a little more spotty on the edges.

Thnx! :smiley: That’s because Indigo doesn’t do tonemapping when using just colors as difuse materials. You gotta use bitmaps with the color you need to get stronger tones, but since the blender file was the same I wanted to try them both. About the blotches; yup, I’ll have to increase FG rays. Let’s see what comes out of this :wink:

hi Alvaro,

in case you have time, can you try also with bidirectional path tracing?


Thanks for replying Giannis. I’ll give Bipt a try this weekend as I have some spare time :wink:
quick update: