Vivaldi browser hangs on win10 upon closing forum tab

Vivaldi browser hangs on win10 upon closing forum tab, but I’m only experiencing this on these forums, and on windows 10. It started after last windows 10 update (last week’ish), but persists after upgrading today to latest Vivaldi version. I’m not even safe if opening forum on a separate Vivaldi window.
Anyone else have issues? Anyone knows what could be wrong?

Do you experience this in Chrome too? Vivaldi is Chrome based. If this persists, you need to check with them, I’m afraid.

Vivaldi is Chromium based, not Chrome based. Haven’t tried it, and I won’t. I’m just curious if others have issues before I vent it further. If there even are any other Vivaldi users here, lol. Please move to appropriate forum if this isn’t the correct one (which I kinda suspected).

No this is the right place, feel free to use this to get support. It’s just not something I can look in to, I don’t think Vivaldi is officially supported by Discourse. You might want to test this on and if it happens there too, ask them about it. There’s a good chance they’ll tell the same thing about supported browsers though.

With “right place”, I mean is this a forum section people will actually visit and read if they don’t have problems? :slight_smile: I’ll see what happens in a few updates and reboots though.

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Was worse than ever this morning. Updated win10 with latest and everything seems ok now.

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