ok so i want to install vixta(no not vista) on my pc and i allready have xp on it so i was wondering how exactly do i dual boot off of the same harddrive

vixta??? wat is vixta? sounds like an imitation of vista… (sorry for the non-helpful post)

similar gui to vista but it is incredibly light weight and fast but it doesnt really mater what distro im installing i really just want to know how to dual boot

You need too partition your hard drive, so there are two+ partitions to which two+ OS can live in each.

IIRC if you have windows installed, you need to defrag you hard disk, so that all the window’s based data is all compacted together, at the start of the hard drive. This lets you partition without any data lost. Or atleast, lets you partition the windows portion a lot smaller.

You need to then run some form of program that will let you partition your drive without formatting the entire disk /can detect the windows installation. I believe most linux installers can do this, ubuntu i believe did mine.

You then need a bootloader, like grub that can run and boot both OSes. Again, ubuntu installed grub by defult which automagically detected windows etc… and set it up.

I on the otherhand cheat and use two hard disks and simply press F10 i think (dependant on motherboard) which puts me into the motherboard’s bootloader and i select my linux disk when ever i want to boot it.

Here is the easyest way…

that will dual boot you into ubuntu linux,without partitioning your hard drive.

If you want to do the more conventional way, just download any live CD installer,And re-partition your hard drive.
1 primary partition for your windows, and after that you can make a secondary primary partition, and chop it up into logical disks…Then google “Linux partition scheme” you will literally find books on the subject. Partition schemes can be really simple, to really complex…

If what you are talking about is some flavor of linux, it will probably have its own way to install… Usualy you download an ISO, and burn it to either CD or DVD… leave the disk in the drive, and reboot your computer… and the live CD should show up… if not you need to tweak your BIOS boot sequence to boot the CD/DVD rom before it boots the hard drive.
then install it…

back upo all your data before you do any of this… have fun :smiley:

lol well i dont have a second harddrive so im going to have to go with a boot loader
and i have looked into grub but i dont know how to get it to work for windows

yeah ive got the live cd but im unsure of how to use a boot manager

Grub should auto detect windows and set it all up for you. it was doing that for me 2? years ago when i first installed ubuntu.


This is not a linux distro for a new linux user…

If you want the exact same look, try PC linux…
Very easy to install, and much more stable than vixta.

There is also a flavour of Ubuntu that runs that windows manager (KDE)
it is called Kubuntu…

here is what I read on vixta:

the os that i picked was just one of many that im considering i just presented it as an example what im really after is how to set up my pc for dual booting
sorry for the misleading title