Viz 4 to Blender Gaming

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Question 1

I have saved a Viz file as .dxf, imported it into blender, and everything seems ok.

How do I begin to develop this as a simple first person game for an Architectural walkthrough.

Question 2

Is blender as powerful for 3d modeling as viz? I’ve really been blown away by some of the features, but I would like to know if it is worth investing the time to adapt.

1)download the walkthrought template/tutorial on, open it in blender and import your .dxf in it. Scale/rotate/move it if needed.
press “P” to start walkthrought, normally all your faces should be white.
u must uvmap or vertex color your objects to give them color/texture.

there is tutorials about that, search for OTO

2)well VIZ is basically a stripped down version of max with some more functions for architecture modelling, right?
blender is definatly a good program and has some advanced functions that are quite good but it’s kinda hard to get used to and lack some ease of use.But once your used to it, it’s said that it has a very quick workflow.
In the case of architecture, i think u better stick with viz cause blender haven’t got any specials features for it.

I am very interested in realtime architecture visualisation but i don’t think that blender is the right tool for this purpose (in the actual stage of the engine) mainly because it needs a solid graphic engine with nearly photorealistic output.

quest 3d would be better for that :-? but it’s my opinion.

You’ve been a great help Sherten.

Well, I can’t convince the principal that we need real-time walkthoughs enough to purchase quest.

Would it be possible to beef up blender for better output? If so, I would be willing to invest time to learn to write code. (some experience with c++) Or if anyone is interested in putting a team together for this purpose I would gladly contribute.

[or] Are there any other options? (legal)


well if u can code and invest time, then contact and ask to work on the gameengine code with kester(the GE coder) :smiley:
this would be great!

the major issue in blender is the lighting (it don’t support lightmaps yet, but that will come), it’s hard to get good results.
-go with vertex color => quite ugly
-go with radiosity => a lot of faces (see the architectural demo at
-go with “texture baking” (not in blender) => HUGE texture load

i’ve not seen all the things done in the blender gameengine, but as far as i know, my demo is one of the best, graphically-wise

as for others options, they are several opensource 3D engines, but none have a graphical interface like blender, so u need to code your entire game (so if you are nor a programmer, that’s useless)

the best would be to stick with blender until “multitexturing” comes out or go for the lite version of quest3d (89$) which is not too expensive.

there is a “community game project” starting to shape, u could contribute.

hope it helps

Thanks again Sherten.

I will contact kester and post on the community game project thread.
Improving the game engine would be a great asset to the community game project. :wink: