Vizrt shutting down Lightwave( rumours)

That is of course the truth, no user have been able to get Lightwave to work after 2010, and no one have had the ability to use it in production, thus what I did for my company at that time and what everyone else has been doing and still are doing today for film and tv, that is just fiction.

Some people are just bad in clarifying the truth about the situation, like newtek and vizrt, some people just distorts the truth.

And yet here we are…

There’s no bigger distorters of the truth than the LW faithful who kept telling themselves LW was still relevant despite it not being the case for well over a decade.

What is Hollywood going to do without LW? Shut up shop and close down or no one actually give a f*ck and carry on not using LW?

I suppose the requirement for clouds wasn’t that great in the end?

The smallest :violin: in the world plays…

The statement “we do not talk about our development and future plans…” kinda says it all. Compare that to Blender, which has a clear roadmap and is very transparent with the user base. Like I said before; wouldn’t you want your paying customers to know what’s down the road?

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Many companies hide behind the Sarbanes-Oxley law that prevents publicly traded companies giving forward looking statements.

However, there is nothing to stop a company saying to their userbase that LW is still in active development and supported going forward. LW continues to be of interest to us as.

Vizrt could easily say this without falling foul of the FCC by making specific forward looking comments. The fact they haven’t, as you say, kinda says it all.

…as you said, open for your own interpretation.

Well that will shut down the rumor mill, will it?

I strongly believe that there is a market for a commercial 3d package in the lower price end…without subscription…and downsizing might actually open doors for new projects. (like stacking up the modeler department)…(this doesn’t mean I’m not sorry about the loss of those people, wich I am)

BUT this response reads like its written by someone who wants to be honest, but only got a handfull of quickly drafted notes on a yellow postit from upper management …

That is not the truth, you are ignorant of the fact that it is still used and have been used for some movies up till today and tv shows, the fact that it isn´t as popular doesn´t change that.
Your statement is pure arrogance based on the background that you hate that company, and probably the software.

Lightwave still does handle that kind of volumetrics better than blender with reference to noise based only clouds, Lightwave has a much much larger set of specially designed fractals to choose from, and it is way easier to set up and get going with that stuff.
But what´s the interest of that from you, you never use that and have no need for it.

and I may return to work on that later, but it depends on development.

One of the largest game companies in the world uses Lightwave in their pipeline for cinematics.

David ridlen uses it frequently and did some vfx in a movie that won an oscar in 2019, what you think of the kind of movie or kind of effects is up to you, but there are more examples.

Jet Cooper uses Lightwave constantly still up till this day for movie props, the producers…if necessary buys in licenses for what he needs in terms of software.

I would urge you to shut down your first steps towards personal mockery or you will just bring this thread up to a flame war again, and it´s quite unnecessary if you have the smartness to understand that I am not happy with how Newtk/vizr is communicating and I also find that I need to change direction.

So you could just relax and chime in with me where we agree, or continue to have your peculiar feelings and mock comments towards me here on the forums and go about that in some kind of war and see what that leads us here in the forums.

What ever I have said before as you somehow perceive me as a Newtek defender…that has not been any contradiction to any of that…not for what it pertained within that period.

I have left my opinions now on Newtek forums, but it will be enough with that since there isn´t more to say there.

I have said that what comes through in their statement doesn´t sound honest and just opens up for speculations even more, not fair and trustworthy towards a customer…

They don´t have to tell us their full goals, but rather be more reliable in their proposed intentions…and honest towards customers about the situation, they either doesn´t know, or know exactly if they are intending to continue development, and withholding that information from customers is an illservice to both the customer and in the end themself.

Sales office: Here you go, we have a 3d product for you, buy it, it is alive and is sold, we maintain it…but be aware, you can not be sure we will continue to develop this product for any future upgrades, that is our policy, that means we can not Confirm That is Our intention even.

Customer: Thanks but no thanks, no pig in the sack please, there are other products and companies that at least informs about the product development to at least being under development or continued to be developed for the current time being.

Didn’t you just upgrade to 2019?
Do those two heads know of what the other is speaking? Hilarious

We are 9 months in to 2020 now, so your reference to upgrading to 2019 as “just”, I have a hard time to see that as “just”.
My latest version is 2019.1.5, but I didn´t upgrade to 2020.

Yes I do, if you do not understand, please point more specific to what line in the discussions you do not understand, and I will try and explain it for you.

When you’re on name dropping terms with the only people still using LW you know deep down it’s irrelevant.

You can kid yourself LW is used in big pipelines because you once read it in a LW magazine or some blog post. I can tell you from experience I haven’t see LW in any pipeline for well over a decade. A license for a particular artist who preferred LW Modeler does not make LW a vital part of a pipeline.

I used to visit many LW based production houses in London circa 1996 none of them exist now and all the big names in UK LW have long since moved on. They wanted to remain employed.

And with such statements ( despite I can prove you wrong )You are just trying to transform my references to lw users …as being a few users only, and that´s only for you to cover what you can not assert properly in the first place to be true, basicly…yes, you are just providing nonsense in this whole matter.

Visit Newtek forums and ask them, dont project your illusions on where I got my information from…as for your knowledge, the universe isn´t centered around you and when you last saw LW in a pipeline, I have already refered to some parts, and there´s is more, but it is of no use to mentione because you will always find something to distort from it.

Honestly…I don´t give a S…what you believe to be a vital part of a pipeline.

Dude’s logorrhea seems to be legendary. Everywhere spewed. Logic appears a waste.

Sigh. And chuckle

Stirring and spinning.

:poop: can be fun sometime, LOL.
Especially if someone enters with kindergarten level of communication when commenting posts.

/prometheus on newtek forums

…and yet it is LW that is EOL. If LW were still relevant in animation and VFX and a viable business do you really think Vizrt would be canning it? Vizrt won’t be canning LW out of spite but out of business.

You loudly and proudly declared you haven’t updated to LW 2020, well, if the LW faithful can’t support the software then I can understand Vizrt seeing no future in it and in the end an easy decision to make to pull the flush. How ironic would it be if your bloviated refusal to support LW by buying the latest update contributed to Vizrt pulling the plug?

If I swing by the LW Forums should I ask these names you’ve dropped how stupid they feel for having continued to use LW way past its use by date? How could they have missed the signs that were writ large that they really should’ve engaged a few more business braincells much earlier?

Well that escalated quickly. Look - I know that a lot of LW users are thinking about switching to Blender, so let’s not welcome them with vitriol: a lot of them already think that the Blender community is made up of cultish fanboys. I’d rather show them that we are, in fact, a tight-knit community and willing to help whenever we can.


What´s in it for you to even discuss this for me? who are you trying to convince whatever it is you are trying to convince, me? yourself the general blender forum users? it´s really pointless.

I do not find Newtek/vizrt that trustworthy anymore for me, you have absolutely no reason to question that at all.

You have your concept of when Lightwave died and how it is used in production, and I have mine, if you do not bother backing up your assertments with anything else than distorted perspectives over which one of the users or which studio that counts, that´s your problem.

As from what I can tell, and from the history of your discussions , you are always looking for a way to provoke, and that is of little interest to me in a debate…if it has no other value than that.

There´s one sad thing though…and that is that the blender user community (at least from many users I have come across)
They seem to have just an amazing amount of low level communication skills (ala kindergarten)…fueled with hate towards Any lw user that doesn´t properly agree with them on the situation)

And it´s unbelievable that when some lw user start´s a thread about the rumours of LW shutting down, and declaring himself loosing trust in Newtek, …these people Actually make an effort in here and still goes on with nonsense …and in a kindergarten way spews (look…se what I told you…nanana.)

The Question is wether I should lower myself to that kind o communication or just let it pass by, they seem uncapable at speaking at any higher level than that.

Even though the lw forum could be toxic, so far I have had the impression that the blender forum is even worse.

That said, this doesn´t pertain all of you of course.
And as you said Safetyman, some of you are welcoming those trying to work with blender much better, than these little kindergarten trolls that has an extensive need or urge to provoke.

It´s not a community you feel you would like to share content and help out in with advices etc…if that´s the kind of people lurking around mostly in here, the maturity level is far higher generally in the lw forums.

Some people there can be frustrated and mad there as well, but many of them have the maturity, decensy to reflect and apologize for things they know was out of line.

Maybe there will be more “Decent” guys in here than a sorry pack… someday.

It´s a war in kindergarten.
You have to read the whole thread, not single posts.

Agreed, Inforgraph. Played softly…

lol…I actually like this forum much more…got a lot of the spirit of the lw forum around 2000-2005.
The lesser I have the urge to post, and more to read, the better the forum.

…and btw whats a special contained thread about blender, where you are only allowed to speak about it, anything else than kindergarden.