Vizrt shutting down Lightwave( rumours)

When you’re on name dropping terms with the only people still using LW you know deep down it’s irrelevant.

You can kid yourself LW is used in big pipelines because you once read it in a LW magazine or some blog post. I can tell you from experience I haven’t see LW in any pipeline for well over a decade. A license for a particular artist who preferred LW Modeler does not make LW a vital part of a pipeline.

I used to visit many LW based production houses in London circa 1996 none of them exist now and all the big names in UK LW have long since moved on. They wanted to remain employed.

And with such statements ( despite I can prove you wrong )You are just trying to transform my references to lw users …as being a few users only, and that´s only for you to cover what you can not assert properly in the first place to be true, basicly…yes, you are just providing nonsense in this whole matter.

Visit Newtek forums and ask them, dont project your illusions on where I got my information from…as for your knowledge, the universe isn´t centered around you and when you last saw LW in a pipeline, I have already refered to some parts, and there´s is more, but it is of no use to mentione because you will always find something to distort from it.

Honestly…I don´t give a S…what you believe to be a vital part of a pipeline.

Dude’s logorrhea seems to be legendary. Everywhere spewed. Logic appears a waste.

Sigh. And chuckle

Stirring and spinning.

:poop: can be fun sometime, LOL.
Especially if someone enters with kindergarten level of communication when commenting posts.

/prometheus on newtek forums

…and yet it is LW that is EOL. If LW were still relevant in animation and VFX and a viable business do you really think Vizrt would be canning it? Vizrt won’t be canning LW out of spite but out of business.

You loudly and proudly declared you haven’t updated to LW 2020, well, if the LW faithful can’t support the software then I can understand Vizrt seeing no future in it and in the end an easy decision to make to pull the flush. How ironic would it be if your bloviated refusal to support LW by buying the latest update contributed to Vizrt pulling the plug?

If I swing by the LW Forums should I ask these names you’ve dropped how stupid they feel for having continued to use LW way past its use by date? How could they have missed the signs that were writ large that they really should’ve engaged a few more business braincells much earlier?

Well that escalated quickly. Look - I know that a lot of LW users are thinking about switching to Blender, so let’s not welcome them with vitriol: a lot of them already think that the Blender community is made up of cultish fanboys. I’d rather show them that we are, in fact, a tight-knit community and willing to help whenever we can.


What´s in it for you to even discuss this for me? who are you trying to convince whatever it is you are trying to convince, me? yourself the general blender forum users? it´s really pointless.

I do not find Newtek/vizrt that trustworthy anymore for me, you have absolutely no reason to question that at all.

You have your concept of when Lightwave died and how it is used in production, and I have mine, if you do not bother backing up your assertments with anything else than distorted perspectives over which one of the users or which studio that counts, that´s your problem.

As from what I can tell, and from the history of your discussions , you are always looking for a way to provoke, and that is of little interest to me in a debate…if it has no other value than that.

There´s one sad thing though…and that is that the blender user community (at least from many users I have come across)
They seem to have just an amazing amount of low level communication skills (ala kindergarten)…fueled with hate towards Any lw user that doesn´t properly agree with them on the situation)

And it´s unbelievable that when some lw user start´s a thread about the rumours of LW shutting down, and declaring himself loosing trust in Newtek, …these people Actually make an effort in here and still goes on with nonsense …and in a kindergarten way spews (look…se what I told you…nanana.)

The Question is wether I should lower myself to that kind o communication or just let it pass by, they seem uncapable at speaking at any higher level than that.

Even though the lw forum could be toxic, so far I have had the impression that the blender forum is even worse.

That said, this doesn´t pertain all of you of course.
And as you said Safetyman, some of you are welcoming those trying to work with blender much better, than these little kindergarten trolls that has an extensive need or urge to provoke.

It´s not a community you feel you would like to share content and help out in with advices etc…if that´s the kind of people lurking around mostly in here, the maturity level is far higher generally in the lw forums.

Some people there can be frustrated and mad there as well, but many of them have the maturity, decensy to reflect and apologize for things they know was out of line.

Maybe there will be more “Decent” guys in here than a sorry pack… someday.

It´s a war in kindergarten.
You have to read the whole thread, not single posts.

Agreed, Inforgraph. Played softly…

lol…I actually like this forum much more…got a lot of the spirit of the lw forum around 2000-2005.
The lesser I have the urge to post, and more to read, the better the forum.

…and btw whats a special contained thread about blender, where you are only allowed to speak about it, anything else than kindergarden.

Well, you are not me and I am not you, we are being met by the blender community with different intentions depending on what our respective views are in the first place.
And some people you just get one impression of for the first time, or in a debate that is heated, they simply can not let go of continuing to spew out provocative comments towards you, personal dislike sort of.

That is a different story and has nothing to do with how users are communicating with each other, it´s newteks policy, I can´t argue around how they set those rules, just follow it…and sure, some of that means I can not have proper discussions around the technology between these two software, in the purpose of raising matters of concern in both of these programs.

It does on the other hand restrict the forum to be a bit more civil and not having provokers, haters lurking since it seems people just can´t restrain themself from spewing our garbage, hate, dissapointment towards something they may have used before, or a competitive product.

But …no I can´t say a dedicated thread is kindergarten level of communication in the same sense as a general climate in a forum where people can not stay away from that behaviour.
So I don´t agree with that fully, though I don´t consider such special sections that useful either, and I am trying to avoid any discussion about Lightwave development and blender comparisons in the Newtek forums, though I am not able to succed all the time.

Basicly trying to restrict most of the discussion to helping out with issues handling lightwave, sharing something, or praise someones good work, which is what I should do for blender as well, sharing for blender community…well, that I have to be motivated by being met properly, such motivation isn´t exactly growing when being in here though.

/prometheus at Newtek forums

Was all of that kindergarten speak for me?
Logorrhea… I have found it best to speak at you in simple language in hopes you’ll give a simple and cogent response.

I am a LW user, have been since it’s inception. I found you disingenuous on the netwtek forums and just as disingenuous here, thus far.
I use Blender, too, along with a lot of other apps though none of that is your business.

Apps are nothing more than hammers and only as good as the workman/artist that wields them. I like this forum because they discuss the use of the Hammer I call Blender. I dislike this forum, or posts herein, when rumor-mongers and speakers in hyperbole spew material they know nothing about.
That’s where, this thread and my note come in.
Now, without an ad hominem, go for it.


Where do I speak of you having a kindergarten way of talking?
surely you must be sure of yourself if you had any such intent or happened to post something that could be considered as such.

Please ellaborate and point to where in my phrases am disingenous, either towards you or someone else? You have to understand that there is a limit when someone lashes back with nasty comments, I do honestly think I never start any such debate towards anyone with the intent of being disingenuous…as opposed to some other in here, should we really have to disect every line in here so I can prove that to you?
Otherwise I will just put this in another shelf of nonsense and rudeness.

And please be aware of who is engaging in that kind of talk from starters in the started discussion, If you could point me to be the instigator of such talk, then I would apologize, however I do not see that happening and as such…you yourself is one of those instigating a way of being disingenuous.

Obviously you have found something in newtek forums as well, but for your sincerity to be credible, do not just put it out like that without actually referencing to what I have said that would be disingenuous, that´s not fair to who ever you accuse, and not fair to yourself in terms of credibility.

The kindergarten behavior is still flourishing with images now and vids, and still with the ol Lightwave mockery intent…guess the reasoning has gotten stucked in their throats.

Now this, there is at least one person that has it in his bonemarrow to provoke…no matter what, it´s almost looking like some pathelogic behavior.

Start from the very top of the thread and please go through each posts and lines before guessing about someone being disingenuous.

Then again, I can´t please them all, there are others that find me quite nice and humble, you are obviously not just one of them…but the communication goes two way, I haven´t exactly called you disingenuous, and if that is how you meet me, then it´s of no interest for me to try and be nicer towards you, it´s better to avoid you, and I am sure you agree with that at least …ok.

But as mentioned, if you feel I am disingenuous, what you could do is to actually point out where I am just that towards you or anyone else, and at least give me a chance to better myself …right, I am not perfect and have my faults, but I´m not gonna take accusations you can´t point out is true.

For reference, this is post nr 2, Infograph trying to define me with a certain value of defense towards something very exaggerated, and for you to read this properly…you would have to follow any other discussion I have had with this person earlier in other threads, and it will be clear what he referes to, and thus logicly I explained that the “Notion” is ludicrous, not that he would be.

And achingly modest too…oh wait…

Mockingbird still singing his tune… suppose it´s in the bonemarrow deep within which I already have mentioned…and off to kindergarten we go again…

Guess I would have to copy and paste every kudos I got on the newtek forums and send a mail to you…if you can´t see the difference between honest and modest.

This is turning out to be a very fruitful discussion towards users that want to engage in blender community with all it´s nice and respectful users.

I´m not gonna jump in to anyones started post or thread with the intent to be rude, if someone however is playing the mocking tune, or silly talk, it´s a good chance I start talk that language back, since that is the language apparently…so if anyone sees that as rude…just swallow it and read the first pages of the book properly.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Reading up, hold on.

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Alright time to conclude.

I’ve deleted comments that serve no purpose other than to mock, needless i must say.

@anon71893420 It seems like you have a very strong dislike towards Lightwave, which is completely fine. But it also seems like you’ve got a strong dislike towards Lightwave users, this is not okay.
Can you just let other users use what they like without harassing them? How dead or alive a program is, is frankly irrelevant. A program is just a tool for an artist to do their job, what tool they use is up to them.

And just in general guys, drop the jabs, it just turns into unnecessary fights…

This is not only the case with Lightwave, but most minorities. The UPBGE community also gets a lot of hate in general, for most of the same reasons.
This is also something we’re actively trying to combat, so if you see this type picking, then please flag it, or tag us with @moderators so we can get involved before the thread escalates. Had i been made aware of this thread sooner then i’d gotten involved nearly at the start of the thread.