VJing In Real-Time with Midi-Controlled Blender 3D

I posted this earlier today on the Blender.org forum and thought it may be of interest here:http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3202&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=45

:smiley: HEY VJs!

I’m very excited to see this Thread as I’ve been trying to get various VJing programs working for at least a week! Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alistair MacDonald (aka Doctor Filter) and I’ve been working in video and music studios for about 5 years at the professional level. I’ve been in tons of bands and music groups and have many friends who are professional DJs working the London club scene and getting offered work DJing abroad at small festivals of 10,000 plus (which hire VJs). I also am good friends with a festival organiser who lives down the street from myself who also hires VJs for his festivals. That is my background.

I started using the Game-Engine of blender about a week ago; and it was not long before I discovered the possibility of complex real-time graphics and scene overlays. If you would like to get an idea of what I have already achieved, please download the small m-peg examples from my website. (I’ve put some pictures here to show you what you will be downloading.








I’ve also added these links to the Elysiun forums to generate some interest, hopefully if we get enough people excited, we can really get this project moving forward; and hopefully get MIDI support implemented to the next version of Blender! I think it’s very important for Blender 3D that this happens, the thought of being able to position and rotate my objects in 3D space with the control knobs on my M-Audio O2 keyboard is nothing short of amazing.

Imagine having the midi set-up in a Blender-Tab / Buttons-Window and being able to assign different commands to different MIDI inputs and values. I’m sure you will agree, this functionality would make the use of Blender EXTREMELY dynamic. This would provide Blender with a “Stage Presence”, and as people became aware of what could be done in real-time, I’m certain the user-base would grow rapidly!!!


I have been trying to get different versions of VJing .blends to work for a week. I’ve tried many different versions of Blender, Python and Midipy; which has left me very confused as to why nothing is happening on my screen. If someone could explain to me which versions of which systems I need, I would be able to join you on this exciting project and contribute 20+ hours a week to making this happen. And once we have something cool to show the hard-core of Blender developers, they will snap up MIDI implementation like a thirsty man discovering water.

Let us all work to the same standards:
1. Blender Version
2. Python Version
3. Midipy Version
4. Installation instructions


Looking forward to getting some feedback from you guys,
Happy blending!

PS: I’m thinking about setting up some webspace for this with a user-limited Wiki ect if you guys are interested.



filter, you forced me to look at my files again, i’ll look at it during next week and let you know when you have something. have you read the instructions i’ve written down in some of the older posts? i think i’ve explained everything there.