VJing ( live video mixing)

has anyone ever used any vj (video jockieing) software?

can anyone recomend any for windows or mac


They wrote their own software to do it, (VJamm) since they invented the whole concept.

Check out www.Processing.org

great javascript program, it can use/alter pixels from a webcam too.

I got this thing relatively cheap from a friend, worth it if you can find it for under $500 : the Korg Kaoss Entrancer, it’s a live hardware VJing box, includes all functions of a kaoss pad for audio and video. you can time-scratch with live video/audio


There’s a lot you can do with free software. FreeJ, for instance.

and for fun:

And for more fun, check the date of the original post!

Yeah, It’s too bad this thread will get locked, because I’d love to talk about this!

resolume , motion dive tokio and arkaos

these are the main ones ,

i use resolume , so nice , so flexible so fun. and with bpm clock now !!!

for mac : modul8