Vladimir Harkonnen

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Started the model ages ago but never ended up finishing anything, Im having fun learning cycles and wanted to try a go at it again, hope you like it!

Wow,this guy looksdisgusting…I like it!
Good job :slight_smile:

Being a huge Dune fan I really like your rendition of the good Baron :slight_smile: It leaves me wanting to see a full figure render in a scene. Nice work!

Thanks guys!
strapazie Looking disgusting was my first goal:) Glad to hear that! Thanks.
dreif, Would love to do that, but would have to make entire body and actually connect the arm with the body hehe. maybe in the future, thanks!

Great view on the Baron. I love the design and facial expression. There is something wrong with the skin shader, though. It looks too much like porcelain figure.

great job. I must agree the skin material seems a little opaque or something. also, the hand should be more yucky to match the face.