VM box Render Farm

The idea is to connect a pair of servers running virtualbox as the nodes for a renderfarm.
Some of the technical details are worked out, but the question is: Has anyone done something like this?

The server is an HP ProLiant DL385 Gen1. I believe we’ll be running two of them as slaves.

Any help/ideas?

I have hooked several computers up to do several renders but tbh I do not understand what you are trying to do XD Why do you want your render nodes to be in an emulated environment? From the way I see it these nodes should run the bare minimum necessary to do renders and nothing detrimental to memory and performance. Is it because you find them easier to maintaib through an emulator? If so that might very well be true.

You want the slaves to be bare-bones boxes. You don’t want to be running VM hypervisors, because that just divides the CPU’s time among the various VMs; it does not multiply the available resources. Each box should be equipped (heat-dissipation wise, etc.) to run at 100% physical-CPU utilization 24/7/365 without overheating or needing to slow down, doing one and only one thing: rendering.