VMATS and VSHADE - 22% Discount during the Week of Black Friday

VMATS, VSHADE, Dynamic Slice and Cap and other products 22% discount during the week of Black Friday (23 November - 1 December).

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Vmats is a realistic and high quality material library for Blender. It comes with lots of materials for Cycles and Eevee.

Vmats for Cycles has 1610 materials, Vmats for Eevee has 1546 materials.

Vshade is a node group collection developed for Blender. The most important feature of this collection is that it is, an easy to setup, all-in-one a material system, that is not in the Blender. In the same time, it can do this as high quality as possible and physically corrected, and also compatible for PBR material setup (it supports Metalness and Specular workflows). It has a lot of material nodes for this. With this node groups can be setup a material of desired level. If you want you can use Uber node system that all-in-one, or other node groups for specific needs (solid, refraction, glass, glossy, SSS etc.) and you can create desired materials easily and realistic.

You can create architectural section models easily in Blender anymore. With Dynamic Slice and Cap add-on, you can create section models like 3dsmax. And you can animate and render your works. This add-on works like 3dsmax’s Slice and Cap Holes modifiers.


What artists say about VMATS:

What artists say about VSHADE:

What artists say about DYNAMIC SLICE AND CAP:


New great update coming soon… New VMATS materials, new VSHADE nodes, Parallax Occlusion Map, Fabric shader, new and animatable image effects and much more…

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that cut section add-on looks fantastic.

it does not use boolean modifiers?
it seems to run extremely fast like in SketchUp.

Thank you!

Yes, does not use Boolean.

Final 2 days for Week of Black Friday.

Hurry up, and don’t miss the discounts.

Bought Vshade and so far I’m enjoying it. Really pleased with the many options, it really speeds up the work.

New options will come… Work in progress…

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