Vocus on object, and blur background.

I made a little landschape, then in the foreground a branch with a ant on it. In real live when you should watch the ant, your eyes focus on the ant, then the background will be blured. Now I want that effect in blender, how to do that, focussing on the ant, and then the background gets blurred? Is there a plugin for it, or just pure blender by using a tutorial? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender doesn’t have a built-in DOF effect. There are plugins that you can use. If you want a simple way to create a DOF effect is to render the background separate from the foreground. Import the two images into photoshop or GIMP and apply a gaussian blur to the background. When you merge the two images together it will have the DOF effect. This is the technique used by the creator of “Rust Boy”. Have Fun

this should help. I’ve tried DOF with an empty and rotating. is pretty easy. only thing is the render times

have fun


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How about scaling the backround objects to blur the texture…
Would it help any to scale the camera as well?

Just wondering…