Voice Actors Costings


DISCLAIMER: This is not currently for a real job!

I am writing up some costings and even though I plan on doing most of the voices myself, I realise that I don’t know how much it would cost to hire voice actors for a feature length film (90-120), in this case one that will be released for free.


How much does it cost to hire a voice actor for a feature length film?

From researching, some quote this as an hourly rate, others as the whole job. Personally i’d see the job as say 3 days in the studio.

*** Also there’s discussion about Guilds, their fee’s, etc. Any expert knowledge here would be gratefully received, specifically UK, but others good too!


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I see in online freelance website that wages cost from 8 to 100+ dollars per hour. It depends on the professional you will hire, how he/she valuates his/her work.

You should have no problem getting voice actors for your film, even for a feature length project. I’m working on my third feature film right now, and I have a very telented pool of professional voice actors who were willing to work on a deferred payment as a percentage of any potential profits. Even if you’re planning to release it for free online, you should be able to find local actors who are willing and eager to be in a production, check with local theatre groups and word of mouth, go to any local comedy night open stage nights, or even musical acts: singers are used to performing to an audience and can be just as good at voice acting. M Dot Strange got the singer from Rabbit Junk to do a voice in his film ‘Heart String Marionette’ Try looking on youtube for voice actors as well, there are lots of opportunities and it shouldn’t cost you anything more than you are willing and able to afford.

Just hire some homeless people and avoid the high costs of hollywood voices man!

This site does voice overs for a donated amount: http://www.friendfamilymedia.ca …if ever needed for the future…

And that´s probably why most hobby animation movies have little to no voiced dialogue parts.

8$ seems to be too few to be considered serious.
100+$ is going to cost you a lot of money with somewhat good results. Depending on how many different voices you want and how many different conversations will have to be voiced, of course.