Voice Actors required for Blender Short Film


Thanks so much for all your support! I have been able to sort out those to help with voices, very grateful to the community and will have something to show to you all soon =)

This Blender made film, it will be released in about 2-3 months from now including bunch of tutorials on creation, and i’m hoping to include content in the spirit of Orange for help in study and those curious.

Peace out!

Neo!!! I hope the best of luck to you.

And remember Neo was apart of project orange ^_-

This is very cool LohnC! Based in Arizona? Then I REALLY gotta see it! That’s where I am originally from. Wish I could help but there are certain educational constraints :wink:

The Jack

Sounds great Lee. I would love to try my hand at some voices. Seeing as I already gave you some before. :smiley:

I’ll be sending you an email.


Sent you an email.

If you want american voices then don’t go with the canadians eh!
:eek: still love ya Bg! :slight_smile:

sending you a mail now…

Heeey - You’re not in the very south - Tasmania’s still down there!

I’m in the Adelaide Hills and I cando character voices and accents… PM me.

Thanks all for the E-Mails and replies!

jackj: very exciting to hear you are origionalyl from there. Though I have not visited there yet, I have been doing as much study of the visual look so I hope as being from there I can pull it off. If you are happy by how Arizona looks by my art, then I will definately feel my job has been accomplished.

BgDM: ahh yes I was thinking of you ofcourse! heh, I know I may get slaughtered but I still to this day have troubles hearing difference between US and Canadian accent o_O

Ammusionist: great to see yet another blenderhead from Adelaide aswell =D

Thanks all for your support, it really is such a great help. Will get back by e-mail/pm


i can help if you really need an american guy with little to no accent (like they have, that is don’t have, in az) i can do it.
I am from ohio.
But i am sure there is someone out there with better recording equipment than I.

I dunno if you would want me, but I can do a lot of cartoon style voices.
Just about any voice cartoon voice you named I can get if I practice a while.
Marvin the martian is my best, I can do him perfect.:D(I can do a pretty mean Emo too)

P.s. What kind of movie is it?

Wow. you’re starting work on your next project now, and its another short film too. Well, I’ll be waiting to see the result, now that you have seven months of production experience from Orange.

P.S. can’t help you with voices, me not being american


Can you post some screens or script or something?

thanks all for the replies and e-mails! really shows such great enthusiasm in the Blender community and I am very grateful for those who are willing to join in on the fun =)

I have now gotten in touch with those who will be doing voices that e-mailed me, so this short will have a chance to contain the voices I really wanted in the film =D

Thanks again all, there will be more information regarding the short for anybody who may be curious in the coming month.


Do you need to have speech? Try making an animation without speech. Its harder but will not be restricted by language.

I don’t need to, but I would like to, this short film would not be as good in my eyes without it =) . For telling the story I want to tell then, I must have it.

The speech required for this short is not going to push or pull the story, but is there for atmosphere use in my case. Thus even if they do not know english and don’t know what they are saying, they will most likely understand the meaning and will help the atmosphere the same way, if not in a more unique way.

I do understand where your coming from, and thankyou for the care, but I feel in this case it may be ok.