Voice actors

I figured out how I want my story to go and I’m close to making my cartoon. Is anyone interested in being a voice actor. If the cartoon does well I can share profits. You can record the lines and I can save them until time to be use. Hopefully someone can play both young and mature Edwin Brown. His original name is Edwin Skycross but when he gets adopted he becomes Edwin Brown. There are some side characters that won’t be main characters, those will be easy and quick. I’m going to make a good story board first which I would like voice actors to really sell it even though it’ll be like a comic but I’m planning on making a full on cartoon. Hopefully you will help me get started.

I’d be glad to help, if my voice fits

If you need an additional male voice, let me know. (haven’t done this before but happy to help.)

I would appreciate the help, thx.

im ready also im a modeller if you could use some extra help :slight_smile: modelling stuff

I could always use the assistance. I could use some help modelling clothes and armor for my characters. I hope it’s not too much. Thx for the offer either way. Did you want to do the voice acting too?

sure how do i come in contact with you discord or steam ???