Voices needed

Please quote your best offer.

Max: Hey Kit, Hey Edwin. I’m glad you were able to make it.

Edwin: Sorry we’re late. Work was rather busy.

Max: It’s okay. I know you’re knights. It makes sense that serving the kingdom of Ketill would be busy.

Anyway I hope you guys don’t mind but this is Mica’s first time playing a video game and it’ll be nice you were to show him the ropes.

Edwin: That’s fine, we were all new once.

Max: Thanks for understanding.

I’ve been busy. Mica’s been a huge help over at the cafe but it’s still hard work.

Edwin: It doesn’t matter, we’re all here to help.

Mica: Oh wow. What is that thing?

Slimes are pretty cool looking. What do I do?

Do I use the fire to draw the slime to me?

Wait, you want me to attack it?

Why should I kill the slime?

Edwin: It’s Mica’s first game, we could try to catch the slime.

Max: I don’t see any harm in it. What do you say Kit?

Edwin: You make a good point, I’ve been playing VR since I got adopted but I’ve never actually tried this.

Max: We’re all friends, we can just hang out until Mica gets his pet.

Mica: Thank you guys for helping me out with the slime.

Kit, look it’s a wolf.

Edwin: Trust us, we don’t have the best experience with wolves. Especially Kit.

Mica: I’ve never seen other people beside foxes and cats.

Edwin: Lets just say predators don’t get along with us rabbits.

Mica: You got a point but there shouldn’t be a way for the wolf to harm us plus our best friends are with us and they’re predators too.

Edwin: Kit and Max haven’t been the friendliest of people.

Max: Unfortunately Edwin is right.

Wolf: Oh this is interesting. I’ve never seen a fox and cat hang out with prey.

Edwin: We’re just helping out a friend. We can just be friends here.

Wolf: I’m not going to be friends with either a rabbit or a fox.

Mica: If Max is the only person here you can get along with, then you can just leave.

Wolf: Whatever. I’ve got better things to do than to play with a bunch of losers.

Mica: Don’t worry Kit. As an escaped slave, I’ve seen and heard much worse.

Max: Since Mica finally got his pet, I don’t see any harm in logging off for tonight. We should see about doing at least some of the story missions.