VOID. Adventure Game.

I just wanted to show off a couple of levels from a small adventure, collecting game I call Void. It is about traveling through different universes to collect memory crystals. (storyline is not far developed yet) I have two levels that I am almost done with, the Islands, and the Void. The void is the main place where all the portals to other universes will be. Hope you enjoyed it.

Oh and all sounds and music also done by me.

-as always feedback is greatly appreciated

Looks really awesome so far. This looks like something that will only really be good if it’s plot is developed. I love games like these.

Keep going :slight_smile:

haha, yeah, thats the part I have been struggling on the most…haha. thanks though! appreciate the feedback

Camera shake when ever you land after jumping?

yeah, thats just one of the details I have to add in later on. Thanks though making a list aha

Looks great. Just get a storyline going :slight_smile:

looks great! you caught my attention when you went threw that door at the beginning.