Volantem Relictum

Volantem Relictum also known as a “Flying relict” on english is a big project I was working on in the past month (80 hours of work time). I am very proud of this project since it’s the first major project in which all of the 3D models were created by me. You can read more about it’s workflow on my website : https://vizioart.com/

The story behind the image is a flying city 7500 years old. There is some mystical magic on that planet which allowed itself to be harnessed by humans, that gave human civilization the freedom to bring the flying islands together so that they can build a city on them. The purpose of this city is practicing the use of that mystical magic, people loved the stability of the flying islands (no earthquakes) but they completely forgot about the strong winds which forced them adapt the building architecture (hence the roundness of the buildings) and made them wear thick cloth robes for protection from cold winds.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much good sir. This is my first one ever.

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