Volcano Simulation

Blender 2.62. Still needs a lot of work.


Not bad on the eruption, but would’ve been better with the lava flowing.


Right now I am working on adding a peak to the top that breaks up and explodes, want to add three particle systems. One for the main plume, the secondary plume, and then a lava / pyroclastic flow down the flanks. New to blender, awesome little program.

Ah, ok. But keep in mind that before a volcano blows its top, there’s a plume of smoke and ash venting from the top before it explodes.

Yeah, not sure how I will work that. Have to play around with it for a while.

Same here I said “ahwww, no lava.”

Promising, but i think the first burst should be more explosive to be realistic.
Maybe something like this? (At 1:09)

Also - do volcanoes ever have snow on them? I know that they don’t once they erupt, and there is that volcanoe up in Sweden or Finland that erupted, and that probably had snow on it, but…looks a little odd.

It depends on elevation, precipitation, and how long it’s been since its last eruption.

Many large stratovolcanoes (the very explosive type) are covered in snow i.e. Mt St. Helens, Rainier, Hood in the north west. They reach very high elevations and some are covered in snow year round. This is what forms the deadly lahars when they erupt, the rapid melting of massive amounts of snow and ice at the summit. They are also very explosive when they reach the main eruption phase and really don’t produce a lot of lava, like you would see at a shield volcano like the one in Hawaii. The magma is under intense gas pressure and expands rapidly, cools rapidly, and forms very small crystals as it is ejected. If you look at most pyroclastic flows in youtube, you don’t see much lava.

I have a degree in earth sciences :wink:

What I want to simulate is this pyroclastic eruption, blowing out and up first, expanding, then falling down the flanks of the volcano. I have a long ways to go yet lol.

Yes, I thought some must have snow on them. I guess we just rarely see pictures of them.

Yeah, I am still trying to sort it out. Messing with force fields. The initial velocity usually makes this “ball” shape I don’t like much. I just added a turbulence force field at the bottom, with a regular on higher up to make it expand more. St Helens was a very unique lateral blast which was caused by an earthquake formed land slide on the flanks of it which opened the magma chamber. Most don’t explode like that. That is one of the reasons it killed so many people.

Going more for this look http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcanoes/region07/luzon/mayon/2406may1.jpg

Here is a good example of what I’m going for:

The vertical plume explosion in the second shot.

There are no volcanoes what so ever in Sweden or Finland, but there are on Iceland. And yes, there can be snow on them as shown by this clip on YouTube! ;D

Edit: LOL - Rankinstudio posted just a second before me - and also, interesting with snow even on Etna seeing how far south it is… :slight_smile:

Gee, who would’ve thought that this would turn into a discussion on real volcanoes. Thanks, Professor Rankin! LOL

What I don’t like is the flickering - check this out, here’s some info on how to get rid of it… :


Also, for some inspiration, here’s what Pixomondo did for the German TV-movie ‘Vulkan’ a few years back. It’s all done with FumeFM. Pixomondo was also chosen by ILM do do all dynamics, smoke, explosions & fire plates for the upcoming ‘Red Tails’… They know their smoke these guys… :smiley:


That clip looks better than “Volcano” and makes the Pompeii Explosion look like a firecracker.

FumeFX is good software but Pixomondo is also so insanely good at using it, hehe… Pixomondo also did a lot of work on 2012, destruction & smoke FX is just their thing I guess… :smiley:

Edit: I’m pretty sure Pompeii didn’t look like a firecracker - if you were there watching it live… ;D #boom

LoL - hardly a professor. Did my minor in earth sciences. Still a lot of work :confused:

Farmfield, thanks for the tips. What flickering are you referring to? I need to crack up the resolution a lot… I also don’t like how many of the individual particles are showing, they look like squares even at 200 divisions.

I’m not familiar with FumeFX, looks like you need to purchase it.

Vulkan.wmv was amazing to say the least. I would love to be able to produce something half that realistic.

Looking forward to se the result.