Volcano Simulation

The jerkyness and jittery render. Check the article I linked to, in this clip you can see the difference. :slight_smile:

FumeFX is a plugin for 3D Studio Max. It’s the best commercially (Like $400) available smokesim out there.

But, as I said many times before, it’s all about breaking any project down into manageable pieces, and maybe you can’t reproduce the Vulkan-clip fully, but you could absolutely do some amazing stüff, also with Blender. :slight_smile:

I’m still working on the plume. I want it to look like it is continuously ejecting material from the cone, but every time I render it, even at 300 divisions, the particles look way too “blocky”. What is causing them to look like squares even at high resolution?



Did you bake it?
If not its probably the size of the domain, the bigger the domain the higher the resolution.

It is a pretty large domain. I did bake it at 300 divisions. The smoke rising looks great, the particle are big squares… ?

I guess you are not supposed to use the moving particles as moving smoke emitters. Just let them sit put and modify the smoke after it is generated…

Working on some more bakes.

I liked it

Here is a rerun on the plume. I am having issues. It goes too fast, and when I turn the time scale down, I lose all detail in the plume. How can I slow it down keeping that look I have?

Near the end, the smoke thins out really fine in the mid section… not sure how to stop that? I tried increasing the size on the turbulence field… no go.