Made in Blender 2.70RC1, rendered in BI + Edge(thanks to the developers for keeping Edge in by the way!) :smiley:
1920 X 1200


very cool! are you using a lamp to illuminate the smoke at the volcano? just wondering :slight_smile:
love the leaves :slight_smile: also the colors are cool :smiley:

Thank you! Yes, that is a simple orange point light down inside of the volcano :slight_smile:

Vicky I’m loving this, women. Do some more ‘Low Poly’ work occasionally at least. My eye moves around this nicely. I’m beginning to think Low Poly is all about composition. Anyway very nicely done and great concept. theoldghost

@theoldghost: Thank you very much! Yeah, as low-poly as some of these are, you still have to make them interesting :smiley:

So crisp, a so beautiful scenery!!!
My *5

Thank you very much michalis! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Very nice job. I like the smoke from the volcano. Overall, a very pleasing image.

@Frobenius.Edge: Thank you very much! :smiley: I was torn between making it smoke, or exploding lava, but most of the time these things just sit there and smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

You are really into this low poly thing.
I like what you are doing with it.
Of course your use of BI never ceases to amaze. :yes:

This is awesome!!! You guys and your low poly stuff are very inspiring. I’ll have to post up my poor first try at it later tonight. I could use some suggestions, I think.

My 5. Excellent!!

Very nice picture Vicky. Is “edge” something different from “Freestyle” because it kinda looks like Freestyle to me.

Really awesome work you do.

Edit: Thinking to what TheOldGhost said about composistion, I spent some more time analyzing it and it is laid out ialmost perfectly in the rule of thirds, was that a conscious effect or is it just second nature for you? Thanks.

@Anthony C: Thanks buddy! :smiley:

@tc2466: Thanks very much! If I was to offer some of my humble suggestions, I would say have a plan, vary the items in the scene, and make sure the depth is convincing :slight_smile: Looking forward to whatever you make!

@Ryeath: Thank you! Edge has been in the Post Processing section of the render settings for a long time, it basically adds a line around your scene, with a slider to change the color, and depth from 1 - 255. 1 is just a line, but if you crank it up to 255, it will show more of the geometry on your objects. I have an Edge rendering thread here, please check it out: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?293116-Edge-Render-Thread&highlight= Scroll down to post #5 for instructions, although there isn’t much to it. You also can not change the size of the line, so the workaround is to either render your picture smaller or much larger for thicker or thinner lines. But, these things render in mere seconds if you don’t have a lot going on in your pic. I rendered this one at 3840 X 2400 to get a thinner line actually. Thanks again, and feel free to post some Edge in that thread if you like!! :smiley:

I always have some sort of framing in mind :slight_smile: Thanks once again!

Very cool! The volcano worked very well. How long does this take to render? Can you animate it? I’d love to see those trees slowly moving in the wind, and the ash floating across the sky…followed by some lava coming down the hill engulfing everything in its path!! :wink:

Thanks Blender Matt! It didn’t take long at all really, about 15 minutes on a really crap PC. The Edge overlay took about a minute to render. If you see this in my Edge render thread over in the tests, you can see the two renders I put together for this finished piece. I rendered both pictures at 3840 X 2400 then scaled them down and added them together. I have no plans for animation, but I agree it would be cool! :slight_smile: Thanks again! :smiley:

Awesome as always Vicky :slight_smile:

Thanks Max! Good to see you! :slight_smile: