Hi guys!

This is a smoke im test I did sometime ago while preparing for a work which required a lot of smoke sims. I also added some mountain environment to make it more interesting. All blender, render in cycles. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

A Great work!
At the beginning of fire could light up a part of the mountain.
I am researching make landscapes with mountains, you could say that the method used?

Nice work, especially the smoke + fire. I’d suggest some debris such as raining ash because it looks like a huge gasoline explosion now. Other than that, nice job (I hope you get many five-star ratings)!

He used one or more planes Landscape to use?
It would be great to have some technical data of your work, thank you very much!

I agree, shader setups and technical info would be awesome (although I think I can guess how you did the explosion)!

Wow, amazing! Could you show us the node setup for the smoke and fire. This is one of the most realistic explosions I’ve seen!

Fantastic ! Looks super realistic and beautiful :slight_smile:

I’m in awe, gj!

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I am going to share all the shaders and settings, I just need to find some time when I finish work! :smiley:

hi its very nice
please show simulate settings

as promised here are the shaders:

For the mountain I used a map generated in world machine to mix the rock and snow materials. You can also use the blender slope plugin, which generates a vertex map that can be used for the same purpose. Right now for mixing the color and generating the rock displacement I used two image textures, but would be interesting to try with procedurals.

Regarding the smoke, it is quite straight forward. I used a mask with an animated ramp from the object position to mask out the lower part of the flame.

As for the smoke settings they are really basic, nothing fancy. The thing that helps A LOT creating some interesting deformation to sell the scale is using a turbolence field, just that. Just play a bit with the simulation time and some minor adjustments and you are set to go!

If I will find the time I will try to create a completely procedural mountain shader.

If you have other questions just let me know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the breakdown! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the helpful information! What did you use to “emit” the smoke? Was it a plane, or a particle system?

You are welcome :slight_smile:

@ItalianJoy: I used a mesh emitter. Precisely an icosphere, scaled on the Z axis. And (sorry about that :slight_smile: ) I forgot to say that I also added a cloud texture to the smoke emitter, in order to break the smoke emission a little.