Hello! I’m back with another portofio piece. I’m trying to improve my overall skills in modeling/texturing/lighting. I hope you like it! Any critique and questions are welcomed!

V2 - 12.30.2016


nicly modelled

There is a second version

Amazing! Excellent composition between underwater and volcano scene…5 stars!

Love that second version!!

Thank you!

The 2nd one is much better now, good work!

Latest version of this scene. Water and lava was made by fluid sim.

Really original and impressive work! Just need to darkening inside the sea. In real life it is darken. From other hand the sea will must darken because the environment is mood and greyish

Here. hopefully final image :slight_smile:

And sorry. This posts should have been in wip section… I wasnt expecting to do so many changes :slight_smile:

Nice work. How did you model the tentacles of an octopus? Once I tried to model one with array modifier (then applied it and scaled the tentacle alonside two axes) and rigged it, but result was somehow unappealing… Thx

Hi. I’ve tried many different approaches but ended up by modeling it by hands. Simply extruded polygons to have nice octagon and than made it circular by “LoopTools”

The final image is very good. It was a cool idea to do the underwater view