Volenteer project with deferral pay

Attention, all Blenders!

I am currently in the planning stages of a brand new game that can (possibly) give its user HOURS of fun. However, my team and I have absolutely NO Blender experience, and we cannot make the items for it. If you believe you would like to negotiate a deferral and help us, I would be extremely glad. I am not, however, going to mention the items needed here, or even talk about the game’s title, theme, objectives, etc. at all. We DO NOT WANT people taking our ideas. To learn more about this opportunity and what you need to design, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Blender username
  • Minimum/Maximum deferral percentage/amount.
  • And a little bio about yourself and blender career would be great.
  • Questions you may have about the job
  • Final Remarks to me about the post, job, etc.

Justin Seiber