Volito2 and lighter

Hi, here is Wacom volito2 and Colt lighter, I think Volito is pretty good, wacom logo should not be transparent, but I don’t know how to prevent that.
Textures were made with Inkscape.

Files are available at bmr.


Smooth work!

Nice stuff :slight_smile:

Some nice modeling there, I think the volito2 could use a little bit of going over just to give it a nice finish but otherwise some very nice work, well done.

Great modelling work, just a thought though. Try a little SSS on the blue plastic of the lighter?

Thanks for your comments.
I had troubles with materials, especially lighters metal parts, they just don’t seem right, but I decided that they are good enough to show.
I never really finish my models, there is 132 half done models on my blender dir and I did not want to leave these there.

Btw. Files are in Blender model repository, they are approved, but not listed just yet, dunno how long it takes.