Volk Seeker - sort of a superhero character

Hi, I’m modeling a character named Volk Seeker.
It’s in the beginnings but I like to receive a feedback.:):slight_smile:

Volk is is a character who slept and dreamed very much. He spent much of his life to fighting crime without knowing it.

What do you think of the name chosen?:slight_smile:


I hope that’s his mask and not his head =p

why did you say that? :frowning:
It’s still in development, it’s not going to be like that :):slight_smile:

yeah, no1 can judge anything at this point, but why the name Volk? isn’t that dutch / german for nation?

I was searching for alien names and that came up. I didn’t know it means nation in german.

It’s not nation, it means people (from a nation). The dutch people -> het Nederlandse volk.
If you want it to look human, it’d be a good idea to use some reference images, and set them as background images (use schematic images rather than photos, schematics are better for understanding the main proportions). Just google for some…

after some thinking i have to agree… it means people of a nation xD dankje freaky dude:D

well, it suits well in the character :slight_smile:
I did some sketches but I wasn’t liking the result, I totally changed the figure in blender.