Volkswagen Baja Bug

A “Baja Bug” is an original Volkswagen Beetle, modified to operate off-road (think open desert, sand dunes, and beaches). This is a personal 3D modeling project I embarked on to push and polish my modeling, texturing and project management skills. Materials are almost 100% procedural inside of the cycle’s node graph.



The fact that you used monstly procedural textures makes this iven more amazing

Nice work! I love the materials especially.

I really wanted the Baja Bug Tamiya model, but never found it for a sensible price. I had the Monster Beetle as a kid though :smiley:

OMG! Procedural, unbelievable, I’d love to know how you got there. Fantastic work on all levels.

Looks great but the whole front is wrong (not how the bug looks)

Really nice work on this. I was thinking about doing something similar myself.

He stated that it was modified. I believe I have seen similar beetle front ends like that.

I thought the same. Being that in North America they typically have the lights on the fenders. But it seems that in some parts of the world the lights on Beetles are on the front hatch instead. (So it’s not always just a body kit like that.)

stunning model and even better render!

Awesome job and especially using just blender internal procedural texturing. Love it. And also here is a link for garbagegiraffe to see that this is indeed modeled correctly and there are front ends out there like this.

Excellent work! Would like to watch some tutorials about the way followed for achieving so real looking procedural materials!

Very nice. Great work!

The engine looks weird. All tubes connect the wrong places. Kinda surreal.

Here’s a video that shows both front ends :slight_smile:

Mad Max to the max. I love the dustiness.

Looks awesome! The only tiny remark I have is that there are no tracks behind the tires, that would have been the finishing touch…