Volkswagen Caddy MK1 Custom Car

The Jaguar is the right inspiration i needed to start my first high poly car.
I don’t aspect the same awesome results, just a nice render at the end…
And i hope you help me out when i get in trouble :wink:
Why a caddy? I like the whole car concept, the german version of el camino!

Nice! I like this car.
I’ve modeled this car in blender.
You are in the good way, continue!

Thank you! Do you have any tips for the pillars? Delete them two time completly :wink:

Here is the wire of my VW caddy.
The body of car, was modeled in one piece.

See the wire :

Great! Thank you! I am not far away from yours :wink:

At the moment i have no time for personal projects…but i decided to finish this project in another way…
My gopro was the inspiration, i will do a fisheye shoot - so not everything from the car will be visible but it looks interesting in some way.
I have to find and create good materials, sculpt the sand and do a lot of detail work but only on the front.
(Maybe a scorpion will fit in the scene)
So this is a target i can reach and i gives me a better feeling than just stop another project.

Thats the plan:

testing colors and a bit of modeling work

Pretty happy so far!
Sand is not perfect - maybe i change it again :confused: