Volkswagen Golf GTI "Poursuite"

My last mod
Golf GTI W12-650 and Type R.
Render:Yafray 0.0.9

HD version—>1980*1080

Vavavroummmmmmmm :evilgrin:

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Complementary render

HD version -->HD 1980*1080

Very good work, but i would not put it in the finished projects section yet, the tires really need some work (add little bit of really dark gray to the wheels on the center of the tires and keep the side walls the same but just add some fresnel and a slight reflect to it. and give the wheels a little more of some light example just one lamp per wheel.) and the window door dividers are not rendering properly add a little more gap to it and it will render great. Cars are my bread and butter, thats mostly what i make and i will tell you the black is the hardest car paint color to get to work with your car.
just tone done the reflection and add some fresnel to it and you will get a better looking reflect and it will normalize it more realistic.
other then that. great job i give it a thumbs up…

GREAT WORKS.i really liked them.4 stars from me but donno about others

Ok ttracing thanks for comment :wink:

Thank Ge-force

precise and brilliant…just spend some more time with the materials (the body paint and the grey/black platic) and u will have an awesome work…i especially like the scene, the BG and the style…4 stars for now…but trust me it is 5 star material in making.

Awesome work :slight_smile: Love 'em

They are soo nice. Perfect composition, perfect moddeling. Perfect rendering.